iTolt Training Center

"A Farm on loan from God" "Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people" Eph 6:7

At iTolt we do camps differently… Very differently!!

Our camps are designed to encourage the students to work as a team. They learn a lot of things during the week. We will provide them with Kool-Aid and water. They are encouraged to bring a snack. We require that campers  have the appropriate riding attire. This should include long pants or breeches, healed foot ware (paddock or tall boots), and a ASTM riding helmet. 

Camps are not limited to kids either!! Adults are welcome too! 

Beginner Camp

Beginner Camp is designed for the students who are newer to horseback riding. We will teach them the basic care of the horse and they will be responsible for the horse they ride. They will do the basic chores for that horse, including stall cleaning and preparing that horse's feed for the afternoon feeding. Horsemanship is a primary focus though, so we will have the students working on the ground as well as riding. We will also play some games and of course what camp would be complete without crafts!!

 Beginner Camp ………………………..$250 

Drill Camp

This camp is designed for the riders who are proficient with walk, trot, and canter. We learn team building in the equestrian world, and nothing but a drill will do! Students will learn basic to advanced drill movements, how to put together a drill, adding music to the drill, and then on Friday we will execute a completed drill!! But just to be clear… they'll all be doing one big drill and then broken up into smaller groups for them to create a drill that's all their own! For the more advanced students we encourage use of jumps too! We plan to ride twice and have a craft. The participants have the opportunity to dress the horses and come up with coordinating costumes for their drills too! This camp runs from 9:30am-1:30pm.

 Drill Camp ……………………..…………$250

Mounted Game Camp

Mounted game camp is just that, mounted games. We do a winter game series to encourage fun and group activities during the winter. This is the same principle. We do all mounted games for three hours!! These include relays, pick-up and drop games, and on-off games. I strive to make new games for game camps so that things are new each time. I encourage participants to be proficient in walk and trot, but canter is certainly allowed. Teams are divided up based on the sides being equal in ability. This camp is for current students only and unlike any of the other camps, this can be done on a drop-in basis if the student is unable to attend the whole week.

Mounted Game Camp ……….………$195 or $40 per day 




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