iTolt Training Center

"A Farm on loan from God" "Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people" Eph 6:7

Our Lesson Horses

This is a brief introduction to some of our lesson horses... We provide each of our horses with the best care possible, including regular farrier, vet, and chiropractic care. These horses are the life blood of our lesson program and are treated with respect and decipline to provide our students with the safest mounts possible. The horses are regularly ridden by seasoned riders to keep them responsive and willing to do the work asked of them. You'll notice something different about our lesson horses... yes, there are a lot of mares, in fact we started with all mares!!! The Lord has provided each horse or pony as we've had the need and He seems to think that these are the best for us! Who knew you could found your lesson program with mares?!! ... HE did!!! Praise the Lord for each and every one of them!

Dulche' - Welsh Pony 

Dulche' is a very sweet Welsh mare that is great with the youngsters. She will be for walk/trot kids and has been shown extensively before joining us. She will be working on a slower canter for the more advanced kids. She has lovely gaits and a beautiful jump. She has enjoyed all the things we've done and nothing seems to bother her. She will be a lot of fun for the kids!



Noble Rain - Appendix Quarter Horse

Noble was born on our farm. I had the pleasure of breeding him and helping him into this world. It's a wonderful feeling to have him join my lesson program. He's had a lot of training and is very responsive and willing. He has been evented and shown in Dressage and Hunter. He received year end awards in Hunter in the 2' division. He jumps with lots of scope and is calm and happy to go to work. He will be with us for many years to come! He has also received year end honors on our local circuit for hunter.


Cami - Welsh Mountain 

Cami is my personal pony. She has a super huge amount of training with lots of buttons and ability. She has been shown hunter and jumps up to 3'. In addition she's trained extensively in Dressage but loves a good trail ride! She's gotten several year end awards and has lots of ability to help the kids learn! 



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